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A delightful evening of the finest Post-Hardcore if you please.

A delightful evening of the finest Post-Hardcore if you please.

It is with an air of maturity lusting for the innocence of an emotional youth that greets Emo rising stars (20 years ago) Texas is the Reason finally playing Glasgow, for the first and last time, so this tour can only be described as a lap of honour*.

Due to the intricacies and eccentricities of Scottish public transport I arrived at Glasgow’s Classic Grand to find that the first support act Lemuria were sadly missed**, and the second support act, a solo, Into it, Over it, was well into his set. Such much so I only captured the last two songs, which were good enough to add disappointment to my evening due to missing him***.

The crowd seemed a bit sparse from my vantage point but there were a few pockets of activity nearer the front of the stage. This was a damn shame and rather surprising to be honest as one would have expected for such a revered ensemble from the post-hardcore genre.

With ‘Do you know who you are?’ playing over the PA, signalling the bands arrival, attention is focused onstage with those few pockets of activity getting a bit tighter near the front of stage. The band plug in and punch right into ‘Back and to the Left’ immediately causing some fist pumping and general mosh like behaviour, with the onslaught continued with ‘Johnny on the spot’ before things turn down a bit with ‘Nickel Wound’ giving some of the folks a quick breather. However, the blow that this should have been was somewhat dwindled by the shitting sound from the PA****, a Christ like shame*****!

Handsome bastards...

Handsome bastards…

Thankfully, the sound issues were sorted further into the set allowing the band to blaze through their back catalogue with the desired weight to back it up leading to a cracking rendition of ‘Something to Forget’. Continuing on playing everything in their recorded output we were left with two songs to finish, and what a way to end it as ‘Antique’ and ‘A Jack with One Eye’ closed the night to a thunderous decibel level.

The band looked incredibly happy throughout, thanking the audience and pointing out this would be the first time and the last time that they grace us with their presence. Despite the shitty sound and the low outturn, the band seemed cheerful, as if this gig (and tour) was really for them to experience instead of us. Hey, who am I to argue.

*You can never really tell if this will be the last ‘LAST’ tour these days… God I sound old.

**I heard they were good though.

***He is however playing in November at Audio.

****I am trying to be cool about it but I was really fuckin’ angry.