About Brassneck

A collection of reviews, musings and generally uneducated banter on music and film.
Caution: May contain a lot of William Shatner…but only to highlight the work of DeForest Kelly.


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A Man Called E

Consistently bearded, due to unbridled laziness and the Mrs being preoccupied with replicating Ryan Gosling for her home.

Listing my influences would spoil the fun – other than I live my like according to the gospel of Joe Strummer, i.e. slightly hypocritically but with the best of intentions.


Likes films. Far too many to list. Narrowing down by genre or director would be constrictive. And may also cause confusion. Music wise, happiest surrounded by David Bowie and obscure Polish film scores. Cries over Philip K Dick. Currently obsessed with Jesse Pinkman’s Robot vacuum cleaner. Blogged in many places. Reviewed here and there.