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Can you recognise what film this image is from?

Can you recognise what film this image is from?

It is with the advancement of age, I did hit my 30’s this year, that one begins to realise that he or she no longer has their finger on the pulse of what is going on and if he or she does then it is on its last few beats before becoming a corpse.  Sometimes the corpse does reanimate in a few decades… but I’m veering off topic here.

No content to deal with just that one I have realised that I’ve not listened to a great deal of stuff that is pre-existing… the classics or the wonderfully bad or the vast amount of material that is in the middle. I have stuck to certain genres of music more than others; you know I have hit my 30’s now so does that mean I should be into Jazz? Or should I be eyeing up that King Crimson box set on Amazon or is it something far worse?

Well in order to combat this complacency I have set myself a challenge that I’m calling ‘100 albums in 100 days’. For the next 100 days I will listen to a punk rock record every day and I will post my thoughts on these albums every Monday or Tuesday of the week. I will revisit favourites, give albums I thought were pish the first time round a second chance and listen to stuff that I have never got round to listen to or really never wanted to.

A few things to note before I set sail on this adventure in sound; I will be picking albums that I consider punk, be it pre-punk, post-punk, hardcore, post-hardcore, riot girl etc. and I will not always be picking the most obvious of choices.

Feel free to offer suggestions or just lambast my thoughts- both are welcome, enjoy!