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Invigorating Punk Rock?

Invigorating Punk Rock?

Moved to Glasgow’s relatively new venue, Broadcast, under mysterious circumstances, the claustrophobia inducing venue greets L.A. dwellers No Age on their first outing to the city since their much hyped* but still awe-inspiring performance at Stereo a couple of years previous.

What the crowd lacks in numbers** it more than makes up with enthusiasm and hysteria (as guitarist Randy Randall would later find out). As we are all trapped in tightly, trying to avoid being the one stuck behind the pillar, it is still sporadically possible to catch the faces of the band whilst playing.

The two piece, made up of Dean Spunt on drums and vocal duties (with occasional bass) and, the aforementioned, Randy Randall on guitar, don’t waste time before heading into the crowd pleasers. ‘Fever Dreaming’ from their last album ‘Everything in Between’ and ‘Teen Creeps’ from their breakthrough ‘Nouns’ proving to be rather riot inducing as judged from the bodies flinging themselves across the cramped floor space down front.

However, there is a new album to promote, the rather excellent ‘An Object’ and tracks from which must be played. These were signposted by the band themselves as an almost apology to the rabid fan base wanting to jump around to what they know***. Surprisingly though, some of these new tunes proved to be the highlights of the evening; ‘C’mon, Stimmung’ showered the audience with the appropriate adrenaline levels that they were after and also led to some rather sombre moments as witnessed by the conviction filled ‘I won’t be your Generator’.

The audience was enthralled throughout and obviously thankful to be seeing the objects of their affections in such close quarters. No more so than when some overly inebriated fans down front made advances on Randy’s groin region****. With the promise of hugs after the show, unbridled adulation would be saved for later. But hell, can it be a bad gig if you cause your audience to hound you with love during the show, I would argue that it can’t be*****.

If anything, the change in venue only added to the atmosphere to see the band invigorating the 4th wave of punk rock******. Those hardcore few who did attend relished the opportunity to party it out to some brash melodic noise with those on the same wavelength as there wasn’t a face without a smile by the end.

*From that Pitchfork crowd.

**Plenty of room at the back… where it was safe.

***There was no need to.

**** [insert pun here]

*****It’s not like they are Motely Crue of anything.

******Is it 4th or 3rd, I have no idea, I just made that up.